Hot stuff that iPhone …

We all know the iPhone has been another ‘hot’ product for Apple. From reports flying around the web, some 700,000 iPhones sold in just a few days. Pretty impressive. But we’ll leave it up to Mr Jobs to colorfully ‘interpret’ that data for us all in his next keynote … whenever that might be.

Had a client call me today to tell me how HOT his iPhone was. And I don’t mean in a Paris Hilton (retching) kind of way, but a degrees Fahrenheit kind of way. Seems he was carrying ‘his precious’ in his pocket. Now Dan’s a stylin’ kind of guy …. so I can’t imagine him wearing wool knickers, or insulated shorts even on a cool Seattle summer day. No. Just pulled it out (the iPhone that is) to make a call. Let his fingers do the dialing/tapping. Just as he was leaving a message the iPhone froze. There was the button to let him end this call … but tap tap tap as he might … nothing. So here’s Dan … expletives flying … trying to figure out how to hard reboot his iPhone. I’d hate to have been the person on the other end getting that message! =:o

Now I have to explain that I just set up Dan’s iPhone yesterday. So he’s kind of new to the iPhone experience. Hell … we all are. We’re all trying to see where the ‘Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field™’ ends & the iPhone reality begins. Up until this time Dan had been using Verizon and on his SEVENTH Treo! Let’s just say he’s not been a happy camper. So he was freaking freely when his precious day old iPhone was giving him problems.

Dan had to let himself & the iPhone cool down for 30 minutes before he could use it again. His first call was to me. Hey Joe …. where you goin’ without that iPhone in your hand … (read my other posts) No. He had to tell me his frightening iPhone related tale of woe. But hey … that’s what I’m here for.

So here I am the eStory-teller/consultant relating my first iPhone tale of woe. Well not mine … but you know what I mean. I’m working on “My So-Called Life Without iPhone • Day 5.”

More later … maybe.

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