My So-Called Life With iPhone • Week 2

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I got this thing. I can’t believe I tried to start writing this on my iPhone. I first tried to write it in Safari. That didn’t work too well. For some reason Safari wasn’t auto-suggesting anything in WordPress edit/post mode. Hmmm. Then I figured … okay I’ll try in iPhone mail and post via mail. That didn’t work too well either. No keyboard action in the horizontal mode. Even in the verticle mode I had ‘issues.’ Though that was more my shortcomings than iPhone’s. I’m still not to accomplished on the iPhone keyboard … yet. Unlike JoeyGadget A.K.A. Joe Hutsko, who wrote his most recently published feature article for MSNBC, about iPhone, on his iPhone. The first draft at least. I say kudos to that man and his presti-digital dexterity! You go Joe! I feel humbled and shamed. Oh well this too shall pass. Practice. Practice. Practice. But if someone was paying me to write an article … I’d hunker down too, and become accomplished in the presti-digital arts.

But there are people paying me. That’s part of what I’ve been doing the past two weeks. Setting up 4 new iPhones for clients. Most of them had a mish-mash of addresses in different phones, PIMs, mail applications & address books. This is how I plied my trade. I exported, synced, set up IMAP mail accounts on both their Macs & their iPhone. When it was all said and done … it is was beautiful thing. No more, “Damn, did I download that eMail to my desktop? Now I can’t see it on my phone. And I need it NOW!” That’s the wonders of IMAP. You see the same mail on every device you set up an IMAP account on. Desktop … check. Lapptop … check. iPhone … check.

In two weeks of use, I have some quibbles about iPhone. But for the most part, for what I need …. I’m in love. ! As a computer tech, and consultant, I use to carry around a HandSpring Visor all the time. (See I was always a Mac friendly early adopter. And that iMac translucent blue … to die for!) If I was at a client and I had to look up a password, or an IP address, I’d go to my address book & look up the info in their associated notes field. It was so much better than having to lug around my ancient PowerBook. I love that I am again able to update notes & they update to my desktop … no problem. I also love how elegantly all contact information is presented in iPhone’s address book. God … I’ve even taken to hunting down logos for companies and photos of clients and friends and adding them to my contacts. It’s just too easy on a Mac and now iPhone. But you knew that already. Hey …. I’m an ‘artist’ … so ‘the visual thing’ works for me! Oooow look …. pretty icons! 

Well … I need to go now. I need to get ready … I have a date with iPhone.

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