My So-Called Life Without iPhone • Day 3

Okay. It’s been only three days since the launch of the iPhone & I’m ready to cave in. Am I on crack you ask? That very well could be.

I’m a Macintosh consultant. So today I got a call from Dale @ Crow’s Nest Yachts. “Hey Joe … can you come set up my iPhone for me?” Hmm. Without skipping a beat I blurted out … “I’ll be there by noon.”

When I walked in the door there were two people in his office drooling over his mondo-boy-toy. When I walked in the sea of bodies parted and I got right to work. I couldn’t allow anyone to see I was just as excited … IF NOT MORE … than they might be. I asked Dale, “So where is mine?” He replied, “well you ‘ll need to set up Dan’s tomorrow. So between the two of us … you’re on your way to owning one. Hmmm.

To make matters a bit more sticky … Dale informed me that he had a “line sitter” waiting for him to get his. So the line sitter had a friend. Long story short … he brought them into the store and he bought three shiny new iPhones. If I wanted … he’d sell me one. Okay … that’s a damn big shiny carrot to dangle in front of my horse-like face!

So like the other day I had to come up with a list of ‘justifications to buy an iPhone.’


  1. Being a Apple consultant … I need one for work. Yeah! I need one!
  2. How am I going to ‘evangelize’ the benefits of this ‘work related’ object without owning one.
  3. It will bring me more work.
  4. People will see it & they will want their own.
  5. Did I mention … it will bring me more work. 🙂

Oh okay … I have NO willpower when it comes to shiny new products of the Apple persuasion. I stood on line for the first generation (5 GB) iPod. Yes … I STOOD ON LINE. I went to the ‘release party’ for Mac OS X v 10.0. Yes … I know … I’m a geek. I’m an über-geek! There I’ve said it … and I’m okay with that. Well … as fine as an über-geek can be when he doesn’t have his new electronic heroin fix in his hand. But soon my precious!

We’ll see what tomorrow brings. A new iPhone? I’ll tell you one thing … there will be less suspense in this outcome than in the Soprano’s ending. Fade to …. iPhone!

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