My So-Called Life Without iPhone • Day 6

Wow. Six whole days have come & gone and I still don’t have an iPhone. But there certainly are a lot of folks out there that do have them.

One of them is a writer for MSNBC. Joe Hutsko … he’s getting lambasted in “comment hell” on his blog JOEyGADGET for writing a story about his failed iPhone and his experience getting a replacement. I wrote a little blurb yesterday about a client of mine that had ‘his precious’ overheat. Jilted Joe is a writer for a company that partners with Microsoft (MSNBC) and he wrote about his experience with AT&T and Apple support. No matter what this guy wrote short of slagging Steve Jobs or his mother personally … um … let’s cut Joey boy some slack!

Good press or bad press … this little phone that could is going to do just fine. Short of some MAJOR bonehead move on Apple’s or AT&T’s part … this is going to sell sell sell. The myth is too big. The hype too big. The momentum too big. So yeah … there are going to be folks who have a bad experience with this mythological creature. Just by the sheer numbers sold. And they might write something about it. It’s the way things work. But as Apple users if we are going to be all Pollyanna about our beloved company THAT CAN (and does) … then we are no better than those who cut Apple for no reason.

But Mr Hutsko did have a reason to tell his story, and a right to tell his story too. iPhone is too new. Those that do own it haven’t put it through its paces yet. Not in a six days time.

So let’s sit back and wait a bit. Lets sheath some of those vitriolic tongues and listen for the sweet marimba tones of your own working ringing iPhone. Or … embrace you inner curmudgeon and send everybody to voicemail! Damn them all!

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Joe Hutsko
16 years ago

Hey, Joe.

Nice story. For the record, I wasn’t paid to write the story on the iPhone, literally on the iPhone, I mean. That was my idea, and a surprise to my editor when he got to the last line. 🙂

I wrote it in Email, and would “Cancel” the message many times so that it would offer to save it as a draft. I think there were only about 30 typos in total in the first draft, which weighed in at about 2800 words.

The final story, which I edited on my MacBook, was about 1200 or so, I think. Maybe more. I’d have to check.

Anyway, I’m curious: How do you sync notes? You say so in your story, but not how. As far as I know there is no Notes sync for iPhone. Yet. Or are you mailing them to yourself?

Your fan, Joe