On The Cusp Of Independence

It’s day four of “My So-Called Life Without iPhone.”

On this 3rd day of July in the year of (my atheist) Lord two thousand and seven … I am on the cusp of independence. No. Not that kind of independence … iPhone independence.

It took an entire list of rationalizations … one even larger than my last post … to see I CAN be a whole person & not own an iPhone. My whole existence is not defined by the objects that I communicate with. That my fingers are more than mere pointing, dragging, & pinching implements. They … and I are so much more than that!

So when I go back to Crow’s Nest today … I will “just say no” to iPhone. No. No. No! This is a monumental moment. One that may outshine the importance of independence from a tyrannic nation of tea happy Brits. Then again ….maybe not. 😉

No. It’s an amazing word. Short succinct and VERY ‘to the point.’ I don’t need a new phone carrier. T-mobile will do quite well. My little Moto Product (RED) SLVR will do well enough. Thank you very much! To trade my 2000 T-Mobile minutes, unlimited text messaging, T-mobile Web, first free incoming minute etc etc etc for an AT&T iPhone plan … would be nuts! What would be even more nuts … my ’employee plan’ is less than $15.00 USD a month. Hmmm …. $15.00 or $100.00 for 900 minutes. Plus the $600.00 cost of the phone. Yeah … no iPhone for this boy-man-geek.

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